Is Captain America/Steve Rogers a virgin?


That is the question that I find brings many a viewer to my humble little website. My top searches happen to be ‘Is Captain America a virgin’ captain america virgin, and Steven Rogers virgin (That and…autumn inspirations…you people are sick! ;)) So I want to clear the air. First of all; I know that he is not a virgin (no, I know what you’re thinking, but it is not from personal experience.) I know because I have read every single Captain America comic published (All up to- though there are a few (hated them!!!)- Captain America Disassembled). I have seen the proof, though thanks to…I’m gonna say other “studies”, I can not pin point the exact comics. Therefore I am now going to go on a hunt, through my many collections so that I may set the record straight and answer the question that you asked: Is Captain America/Steve Rogers a virgin?

The world may never know…but Gloryficers will!

Stay tuned…

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