Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstone…er…something like that

Barbara Grizzuti Harrison said that. It is true I think…for the most part. Sometimes there are original people who take an idea and create something grand out of it, or start something original with an idea but then gets bought by somebody who then takes the idea and turns it into something great. Would they than be considered the original person?

Sometimes one has the idea but doesn’t have the means or even the skills to set it into motion. Does that mean when they see it come to fruition that their idea was stolen or does it just mean that the universal conscience gave it to somebody who had the means, method and madness? When somebody with the means buys your idea both sides win at least. The idea and the person, both original…enough.

Look familiar?

Now perhaps a little back story is needed. The Golden Girl above (As not to be confused with this :

Precursed She-Ra Princess of Power by a hair. It came out in 1983 and only lasted a year. It was not a cartoon but a lunchbox, colorform, action figure, etc line of toys by Galoob- the third largest Toy seller at the time (It was bought by Hasbro in 1999). It was considered “ambitious” at the time for its main catch was five heroines (Along with their token male) and two horses (Of course Golden Girl rides a unicorn herself). They fought one super-male-villain and four villainesses. The plot was: heroine Golden Girl, and her consort of female warriors known as The Guardians of the Gemstone. The group’s main aim is to protect the citizens of Argonia from the evil Dragon Queen. Of course one of the main draws was their fashion sense (Like Jem) What’s a girl with a unicorn and sword to do without the next best thing in her hips? Especially when fighting someone like the Dragon Queen!

Now with all sarcasm aside the main reason that this series did not work and She-Ra did is because its target audience was scattered (As well as few and far between). For unlike She-Ra their main characters had a lot of weapons.


* Golden Girl – The leader of the Guardians. She travels on her unicorn, Olympia.     
* Saphire – Golden Girl’s best friend and fighter.     
* Rubee – A red-headed warrior from the Fire Isle. Her weapon is a flare-tipped arrow.     
* Onyx – From the Isle of Dunes. Her weapons are throwing stones and a saber.    
 * Jade – From the Ermaline Island. She uses a broadsword.     
* Prince Kroma – Occasionally joining the Guardians is Prince Kroma, whose arch nemesis is Ogra.

* Dragon Queen – Lives on Storm Isle after being banished from Argonia. She uses dark magic and carries a samurai sword. She rides a black horse called Shadow.     

* Vultura – Practices witchcraft and is armed with long, sharp claws.     
* Moth Lady – Born from a cocoon, she now has wings and carries a trident.     
* Wild One – Armed with knowledge of the wild, she carries a battle-axe     
* Ogra – The man, Leader of another group known as the Barbarian Horses, Ogra occasionally joins Dragon Queen in fighting the Guardians.
So came the problem that it was too “girly” for the boys and too “violent” for girls. Perhaps more Xena then She-Ra. It all came to nothing and now (Like me when I first came across a rather awesome image) people just assume that old toys, pics and merchandise is She-Ra or at the very least some cheesy knock off. Of course that part has more to do with the breaking limbs and green torsos ( Time make fools of us all).
But now you know, and the year of 1983 has more of a history for you then it did before you read this blog. All in all the origin of the warrior woman may not be the most “original”
It is one of my favorites, and I’m happy to be knowledgeable of it’s past, present, future incarnations!



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