Some things are meant to happen

For me I trust that the universe provides us with signs to fix our problems and light to guide the way. It’s picking up on these things that is the tricky part. One must be in-tune with more than just their problems. With more than just themselves to see the answer(s) provided.

When I have a particularly hard problem and find that I am at the end of my rope of answers I simple ask that I be blessed with enough sight to see any answers provided me. I have been fortunate enough to have several of my prayers answered in the forms of this sight. It’s the little things that give me faith that I am being listened to and that the universe is taking care of me by way of karma: Do good things and good things will happen. Maybe not as fast as you’d like, maybe not even in the way that you’d like but if you can step out of yourself and look at the big picture you will see that it does pay off. That you are taken care of where others (you know the ones I mean who seem to not give a shit and still reap the rewards. We all know “that person”) will only know the aggression of never leaving themselves, blaming themselves and only really reaping the reward of instant gratification. That to me is settling.

On to the true point of this post:

I have more proof that I am being taken care of by something outside of myself and my control. More than coincidence and much more than luck.

I give you:

Flapjack. I have mentioned my love for this nautical nonsense before, but never given you the circumstances to its discovery. You see two days before a family trip to Pigeon Forge (The best of he tourist traps!) my brother died. Now we decided the trip might be a good thing. A bonding experience to get us out of our norm. It was a bittersweet trip made the most of. The first morning we were there we were sitting in my parents hotel room and the tv was on Cartoon Network. Flapjack was on. This positive, upbeat adventurous little guy stole my heart. It humor was my humor and it’s imagination pie was delicious!

(In fact the second episode is where I got the name Fooly Weikums for my little pup!)

Anyway Flapjack was canceled, though not after many a ages laugh and smile! It made me happy. Happy because everyone referred to its sense of cuteness and grotesque horror was just like me! (Gee thanks…:))

Well as you all know my cat suddenly died of internal issues (nothing that could be helped). it was my biggest fear come to life an animal dyeing suddenly, young and unexpectedly. Yet something was still around to make me smile. Something not discovered but one week prior:

Yes an even more positive, goofy (more my kind of goofy since swords, fight scenes and adventure are involved) just plain lovable characters spin and adventure! It helped me smile, laugh and be even more positive than without I could never know. I see it as a gift. Why else would I have suddenly decided to change the channel when I did when nothing else was on when this happened (happens) a million time prior?

More than coincidence and much more than luck…




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