Top 7 songs that changed my life

Music is something that has inspired my life, my stories and my characters since I can remember. Whether it’s dancing in the living room in my Princess Jasmine top and tutu to Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat (Donny Osmond and Andrew Lloyd Webber, I mean how could one lose?) Putting on my own all singing, all dancing shows for my little brother to writing my own – early writer showing – Broadway extravaganzas, Dance-a-thons to No Doubt and Beyonce, or redefining myself with Green Day, Bowie, Queen (The Lot) the rest is history in the playing. Today I chose seven (As a start) that have had the biggest impact on my life (so far).

7) The Phantom of The Opera: by Andrew Lloyd Webber

(The first time I heard a non-traditional musical song.)

6) Take that Look off your Face: Tell me on a Sunday sung by Marti Webb

(My musical, she had a voice like mine, not an opera, high-pitched tone, yet she was the star!)

5) Rock & Roll Suicide: David Bowie

(Still brings back and allows me to relive one of my most powerful stories to date.)

4) Helena: My Chemical Romance

(So Long and Goodnight; those words began and ended Avengers Disassembled. The epitomize that time in my/The Avengers life.)

3) The Black Parade: My Chemical Romance

(“Just a man, I’m not a hero” mantra, so moving in its simplicity. Hawkeye died to this. It re-inspires me every time I hear it.)

2) 21 guns: Green Day

(Me laying on my floor, this song playing and inspiring me to write ‘Homecoming’ my first original screenplay.)

1) American Idiot

(By chance, by luck, I turned my head as a clip of this video played and I’ve never turned back.)



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