Madrugada…Darkest Day, Brightest Night…

A wonderful word I just learned from my weekly Word Nerd by Lawhimsy: Madrugada. The Portuguese word for the moment at dawn when the night meets the day.  I found it quite fascinating since just last night I finished writing up a scene that had an ever-present theme of this kind. I thought “well maybe I should share…” an abbreviated chopped version of course, that fits with my “new word” (and relevance as to keep confusion down. ;))

To quote (with a spin of course) the Constant Nymph: “Which could be titled Madrugada…”

She sighs with a far off, wise yet contented expression.

“He was always elusive, don’t get me wrong our connection was deep and I loved him deeply. My life forever altered because of it. Yet he was like a shadow; meant to exist in the  brightest of dawns with an inevitable end; to disappear in the darkest of nights.”

“It’s funny…”

He says.


She asks, playing along with his abrupt change in topic and attitude.

“I can’t remember the last time I looked at the night sky. I’ve been ‘awake’ for…god knows how long, yet I can;t remember the small things, the human things…not since…”

He trails of in pained memory.

“The big boom?”

She states it clearly.

“well it’s worth it, because even in the darkest night one can still see stars. Clouds, moonless, city or smog one can take comfort; they’re still there. They still…”

She scoots the space between them. wrapping arm through his. Holding his hand. An expression, the reminder of humanity.


Peace, smiles and superpowers!




One thought on “Madrugada…Darkest Day, Brightest Night…

  1. Oh, I am simply dying of curiosity as to just whom that excerpt is about and I’m thrilled that my word was so fitting!!!

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