The “New” Captain America…

Sam Wilson will be new Captain America. For me it seems a logical step if the suit/superhero identity was to be given up by Steve. In fact I think he would be one of Steve’s first choices, for Steve and Sam are the ultimate in comic book bromance best friends.  A lot of people have donned the Captain America persona, a lot were former side-kicks of the “big man in charge” but he and Sam were never (to me) mere Super and side-kick protegé. No theirs was always a partnership. So Sam stepping up to the mantel of Captain is only right…or at least would be if I felt it wasn’t just ignorant shock factor for the sake of shock factor.

First I do not buy the advanced story telling of Steve being sucked of superhero serum yet again. (*eyeroll* how original a way to get rid of Rogers…NOT!) What I do not get (please somebody inform me if there is any kind of simple- even bs- explanation) is the fact that losing the serum reverted him to his chronological age…which in fact would be the same age that had the serum.

As of Captain America #21, Rogers fights his greatest battle yet against the Iron Nail, but the villain drains him of his super soldier serum that keeps him young and strong. 

The soldier serum is not what made Steve young. Steve is not Nick Fury. No, Steve was frozen, flash frozen due in large part to the serums reaction to the cold, icy depths of water and shock of Bucky’s sudden fiery doom. Time did not chronologically pass for Steve. Time stood still. Like a blink of an eye for us, from one moment to the next Steve went from past to present in an instant. Therefore by having the serum sucked from his body and veins Steve would not grow old, he would just grow weak and sickly back to the way he was in chronological time, before the serum was given. About five years from serum to frozen. So the entire premise of Sam taking up mantle of Captain becomes weak and almost blatant an attempt for attention right on the heals of Thor becoming a woman…*sigh* I feel it only wants to appeal to the Circus/Ripleys crowd not to intelligent story and character telling. People aren’t reacting for the right reasons and last I checked it was the 21st century…

Nuff’ said…




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