Art Inspiring Verse ~ Nell Brinkley


by: nell brinkley

The wild moon dancers,
The fun and the sin,
Twisted in pure joy as in the moonlight we spin,
There’s Jazz and cigarettes alight and a flame,
A passion and forgetfulness one can’t ever tame.
A whirlwind romance,
A boy and a girl,
A late night invitation,
And forbidden vocation.
She was new to their world,
Never knew what to expect,
All thought her a good girl,
Never deterred and yet…
She could not feel comfortable,
Nor one of their kin,
So badly she wanted the freedom,
But not to give in.
How wicked their ways,
How wild their dealings,
How unabashed their bohemian thrills,
And unapologetic  their feelings.
This night would be forgotten,
Yet she never could,
That girl to woman in an instant,
And the deep seeded question of  what is ‘good’.

~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Sunshine!







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