Art Inspiring Verse ~ River Johnson

Sleeping Unrest

river johnson


Laying in slumber,

Awaken my dove,

For all that your grateful,

For all that you love.

Do not stay in sleep for those that would dull you,

Do not stay subdued for those that don’t want you.

You will waken again to a world still dark,

But do not quell your voice as though thou were a lark.

For you are beauty, in spirit in mind,

If they can not see it,

If they would be unkind,

Do not dim your sparkle,

Nor quiet your shine.

For you’ll have reason to your rhythm and rhyme.

Your anthem may not be sung by voices you can hear,

And inspiration only approached with hesitation or fear,

You can be loved if you refuse to be tamed,

Refuse to adhere to your given name.

Break the bond that would hold you,

Break free of their grasp,

Causing some bruising,

Scars on silken skin,

For having fought back,

For not giving in.

Do not sleep now,

For its rest is so fleeting,

Do not give in to the pointless life beatings.

You may ask “why” now,

You may not see reason,

But for the universe time goes as fast as the seasons.

So breath now my daughter and open your eyes,

Awaken from slumber without pain in disguise,

You are the master,

So go cut the strings,

From Falling you’ll find that you have grown your wings.

 ~Glory Anna

Peace, Smiles and Sunshine!








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