Art Inspiring Life ~ Georgianna Lane

Brisk winter reflection

Georgianna Lane @Etsy


Brisk reflection of winter sights,

A tree in nature,

A spirit alive,

Well yet it invokes such a positive reaction,

You become all too aware of the natural selection,

It stirs the soul,

It touches the mind,

Yet leaves have let go,

The tree has now died.

A circular notion of nature in bloom,

Of one life fulfilled,

When fall comes; it’s tomb.

Yet half of its self we still celebrate,

Decorating with lights its own realm of decay,

It glows and it touches a deep, inner longing,

That we too can invoke such a sense of belonging,

Once part of us is gone that we need not mourn but move on,

For half is but half when it’s here, when its gone.

The sum of the parts makes the whole of the person,

Yet collected or loss it’s what can be forgiven.

A natural course,

A circular action.

What else can one learn from a brisk winter reflection?

~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!




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