Art Inspiring Life ~ Elle Moss

Movement in Silhouette

by Elle Moss

Figure shrouded

Nature blurred,

Seeking, searching,

Awaiting unsure.

Future holds promise,

Past has its demons,

A moment in present can be all too torturous.

Why do you allude me,

Why do I still try?

When it’s so easy to fall,

So easy to cry.

When all seems in shadow,

When all seems so lost,

When it seems my soul has been payment for all bills and costs.

Why when I’m staggered, so weak and so dreary,

Do I still stand on legs yet so weary?

What keeps me going?

What keeps me strong?

A billion promises broken and wrong.

Why don;t I hesitate?

Why do I leap?

When all has been worn and nothing will keep?

Why do I move?

Why do I not play possum?

Why not just give up and let the seeds of doubt blossom?

An invisible force,

An untouchable spirit,

For it I hope…and know not to fear it.

~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!









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