Art Inspiring Verse ~ Geoffrey Johnson

Loud Silence

By: Geoffrey Johnson

Silence piercing air,

Alone and yet I’m scared,

For there are bodies all around,

Yet still there is no sound.

Comfortable yes silence can be

When one tries and one succeeds,

Can bring calm and sweet serenity,

Yet if one is all alone in effort there can be little left of silence comfort.

A room full of people,

And yet still alone.

A person left with no growth can be so young and yet so old.

There’s a divide in soul,

So proud and unconvincing,

Pulling, driving, forcing hand,

A disbelieving state of man.

Constant question of words brought to life,

To seem wrong or dumb,

Your fight or flight.

You let silence fall in its wake,

Concerned only with your doubt of self,

Leave alone your questions still unanswered,

Leaving the discomfort of silence persons together yet alone

You bring forth your own disaster.

~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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