Art Inspiring Verse ~ Zeronis @deviantart


Poison Lips

Poison lips:

Man made perfection,

An semblance of love,

Something so sought after,

Held above all .

A kiss lost in time,

A touch that’s so deadly,

Yet many so ache,

With love-lorn desire,

For that one passionate embrace seeming never he enemy.

So many an emotion can be placed in its steed,

It’s out of desperation that we long for and need.

Love is the justification that we claim in our wake,

A reason for so many a repeated mistake.

War waged on many,

For some but a game,

As long as you take it in loves want and name,

Romantic perception will erase all your blame.

Selfless and selfish,

Love and lust,

How often we confuse them

To excuse them we must.

~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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