Art Inspiring Verse ~ Zhaoming Wu


By Zhaoming Wu

Now I wake where once I slept,

An innocent virgin,

A thoughtless wreak.

Who was I once?

I lament, I forget.

Tears forgiven,

Sin still remains,

Forever in ruin with pasts bitter stains.

Will it wash off?

Will bed come clean?

I sleep in a bed made up so by you,

But why does it feel I rest as a fool?

I’ve loved and I’ve lost,

I’ve given my share,

But when it comes to taking its then that I’m scared.

I’ll stay in this bed,

Sheets still a mess,

The more I try to hide the more I have less .

So what happens when you wake up still unmoved,

By the bed that you’ve made and settled into?

It gives you a backache, it weakens your head,

Yet you remain there so trapped in this bed

Of life unlived and things unsaid.

~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!









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