Art Inspiring Verse ~ Ed Fairburn


Ed Fairburn

My face is a map,

My features my world,

The woman the child,

Confidence to lost girl,

I have lived such a story!

Some things I shudder at thought,

Some things I blush at, become passionate at,

Some are best left forgot.

There are times of such sorrow, of flying on whim,

Those whom I’ve loved and the betrayals of kin.

My map is a guideline to that which I’ve been.

Who I’ve become is not as easy to read,

A braille of sorts, you have to touch to succeed.

My shape is like mountains,

My body like earth,

You can see what’s been lost, and what is just covered in dirt.

I was shaped by my creators, now I’m in control,

What that means relies on what I have chosen to let go.

We can not help what effects us,

How we chose to react.

But my features are my world,

Time I’ve stared writing the map.

~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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