Art Inspiring Verse ~ Dana Svobodova


by dana svobodova

Down a rabbit hole,

Moves so fast, yet story so old,

Things unsaid, times untold,

Who knows what repetition will unfold.

We never learn,

Always repeat,

Seeking change through known defeat.

We use, we try, yet fail

Still incomplete.

How will one learn when chasing shadows?

Demons crawling,

Hearing echos.

We know the reality yet still follow dreams

What will change this time if you have yet to succeed?

Your attempts are vapid,

Your actions trifles,

Chasing illusive beasts that thrill,

In a moment gone,

Your nothing still.

Loops to jump through, leaps and bounds.

Yet in the end your world is round.

A merry-go-round, you spin and spin,

Seeking solution only to trip on a whim.

A cycle happens becoming unbroken,

All for the white rabbit,

Now whose time has been stolen.

~Glory Anna


See more of Dana Svobodova’s art at her wonderful BeHance portfolio!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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