Art Inspiring Verse ~ Elisa Mazzone

By Elisa Mazzone


Who would believe I’m unfinished?

When the parts aren’t what you see.

Pieces that make up a portrait,

The sum to you of me.

Yet I am still a drifter,

In the night, in life and mind.

There is still more to me,

More than my features can define.

You take me in upon a glance,

Sum me up by the questions you choose to ask.

Yet there is still more there,

Sitting unshaken, not stirred.

I’m seeking those strings pulled taut,

When you tugged they fell off and were lost.

Incomplete yet still determined,

For a life I live still uncertain,

Of who I am, what was, what is, what will be.

What I lost and what became of what I managed to keep.

I will walk this path without rooted course.

Without pain, regret or remorse.

My journey is not at its end.

For in my mind and heart I am still mine to defend.

So until all is unwound and none can be found,

I will strive to get on,

Find where I belong,

More than just a blip on a radar,

Nor an assumption I’ll never surpass,

I’ll leave full portrait on paper and be more than just a sketch.

~Glory Anna


Click for more wonderfully, beautifully awesome illustrations by Elisa Mazzone

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!









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