Art Inspiring Verse ~ Kay Nielsen


by Kay Nielsen

What grace have I been given,

What duty to the dead,

What sunken eyes I swim in,

Inside a shallow head.

My heart thrives for the living,

Beating swollen out of chest,

And yet no cause is given,

I weep into thus heavy breast.

The stars they seem to mock me,

Night that knows no end,

Dreams are forbidden,

For no sleep comes easily.

Rest is still not yet a friend.

I heave a breath upon the land,

Four walls within I’m trapped.

Yet world I know vast and vacant still,

Contradicting notions I am filled,

Not knowing where nor when to start,

Where grace once lie now falls apart,

A withered, weary broken and yet still beating, breathing ever hoping, daylight soaring


~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!









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