Art Inspiring Verse ~ Jessica Durrant


by Jessica Durrant

Eerie night I find thee,

Now rest upon my breast,

For so heavy is thy burden,

Yet I wear the heroes crest.

I wish it was for certain the benefit of quest,

To search with doubt in question is to live without the rest.

Forever have I sought thee,

A happiness and life.

Forever will I keep thee,

In minds eternal eye.

I feel the present weight push against my lidded curtains.

To seal my fate if gaze should fall from thy suns steady burning,

Ever bright,

I feel its heat with all to tempting a retreat,

But keep my goal in sight.

For I am love in wanting and in waiting,

For happiness and life,

So keep on daring to tread uncharted lands,

For at least I have chosen to fight.

~Glory Anna~


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Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!




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