Art Inspiring Verse ~ Miss tak


She tried to change her nature,

Tried to out swim the sea,

But she could be cured by nature,

Yet she could not let just be.

She tried to chase a rainbow,

Attempting to find its end.

She wished upon a shooting star,

But she could not understand.

To dream and live is easy,

To wait and wish is hard.

To pray in silence longingly,

Is to to live an unsung bard.

She wanted to take flight,

To fly away and find home.

Wanting so to be there now,

She lived a lie alone.

So why not take the chance?

Why not be thy best?

For to live a life by nature,

Is to live with soul at rest.

~ Glory Anna ~


For more by Miss Tak visit here!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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