Art Inspiring Verse ~ Txema Yeste

‘Introspection’ by Txema Yeste


And so you touched my heart still;

I thought I had hardened, had sharpened my skin,

To keep you from piercing that soul from within.

I quiver, I shake, for the sake of it all,

How can one something so simple,

Make me feel so small?

In a delicate way, as a child to its mother,

Your touch makes me drop my defense,

Makes me want to surrender.

I pray for the day when you can touch me in person,

When this love that I’m so sure of is a love that’s for certain.

Please be reaching for me too in this vast empty space,

Please say when we find one another that it will not be in waste.

Of a life, of a land, of a time we could have been,

Together in person,

Your touch with its kin.

~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!








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