Art Inspiring Verse ~ Stina Persson


by Stina Persson





How can I keep myself from decaying?

Every piece and every breath,

Helter/skelter, heaven-sent.

Want to live but instead regret.

What has been and what is left.

Can’t look back yet no tomorrow,

So much hope and so much sorrow.


Life a mess.

Can’t wait to feel with more than less.

Glass half full but I’m half empty.

Sworn to the Angles but damned by the guilty.

What is my being?

Where is my heart?

How can I end without knowing the start?

~Glory Anna


I love Stina’s portfolio, the mix of water-color and fashion sketch is a breath-taking result. Another of those past finds once again stumbled upon via the yellow brick road of inspiration!

If you should want a “piece” of the action!

by Strina Persson

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!









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