Art Inspiring Verse ~ Dasha Pliska

 A king a Queen an ace of spades,

Blacked, bleeding serenades,

One full house,

A house of cards,

A tumbling mess.

When it falls hard.

We gamble with chips, what do yours represent?

A sacred scandal?

A lovers nest?

How innocent a deceit and yet…

Poker face, don’t skip a vowel,

Don’t betray your characters hinting scowl.

Let others take a gamble,

Keep truth close to vest.

After all that you lost…

I’m sure it’s still worth a bet.

To be so entrenched,

Heart not skipping a beat.

The debt you’ll receive is it worth the defeat?

How many lives are lost to hands,

To lies,

To a whim,

To a game that one game of chance.

~Glory Anna


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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