Art Inspiring Verse ~ Joao Ruas

GorgonIIIbyJoao Ruas

A lost soul that’s half whole needs arms to wrap around.

To Keep it sound and eternally bound to a land it can no longer feel.

To feel the substance in  an illusive touch can come to help it heal.

Yet reaching out in the abyss of self can loosens ones grip and clutch,

Yet evermore reach out one must.

Forever entombed.

Forever entwined.

Forever alone.

Yet forever divine.

Let self be ones own.

Let self be ones guide.

In a world apart.

In a chasm divide.

Stand on thine own,

Yet stand in thine pride.

Forever be strong,

Drawing the warmth, substance and love from inside.

~Glory Anna


For more from my featured artist visit his site! Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook links all included!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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