Art Inspiring Verse ~ Pippa McManus


Flower crown adorned,

What do I inspire?

Is it thoughts of love?

Of greed? Of Lust? Desire?

Curls spun from crown,

Draping round my neck,

A dangerous combination in sight of beauty’s prospect.

I feel like a garden,

Secret in attempt,

It’s why I feel unwanted,

Perspectives circumspect.

Yet gaze you do upon me,

Smelling sweet scent for free.

The crown it now has blinded,

For other senses cannot see.

See that I am nothing without my flower crown.

Just another actress playing just another clown.

Why must we be labeled by what it is we ware.

Flower crown adorned.

Sweet spindles of hair.

In want of beauty,

Yet in world unfair.

I give you my looks.

What more to make one care?

~Glory Anna

I absolutely love the diversity of Pippa McManus’ work. It’s the faces, very different, very unique to her style. They vary in their degrees of “pretty”. Different shapes, features, yet all distinctly Pippa! With the added mystery and familiarity in their sharp features they seem both whimsically imaginative yet can also seem as though based on real people. I love this artist – and have!- for a very long time. May her colorful pops mixed with her harsher lined ink/pencil bring you as much joy as they do me!


Pippa McManus fashion illustration and a true beauty inspiration!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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