Art Inspiring Verse ~ Leslie Ann O’Dell


Let this down

Painted glass,

Fallen ceilings,

All around,

This room has meaning.

Represented as a feeling,

Loosing mind,

Can’t stop conceiving worlds of destruction,

The world of self.

I once tried screaming,

Tried calling for help.

Once I was yearning now it seems sin.

To want another in this room I live in.

The walls around me seem bigger and maybe thicker too,

Closing in closer,

Seeming to consume.

I sit in its shadows and sometimes its light.

Still trying to design and set it up right.

Muster the courage and fight the good fight.

It seems useless to dwindle,

To settle for less.

To have one room and one room only in which I can completely undress.

Undress my person,

Lay needs on the floor.

To play the victim,

To pain and feel sore.

To want more than compassion,

To want more than self.

To want someone to hear you when you fall and cry out.

Yet this room is yours only.

You’ve made sure to that.

Here no one can hurt you.

There’s no need to fight back.

Another favorite Leslie Ann O’Dell! With a beautiful site to boot! Wonderfully organized galleries to oh and awe the senses! What utter bliss! Her work both amazes, inspires and compels me. It challenges me as a writer, a poet/lyricist, and a soul. For to see so much life in a still image, feel so much, a story already unfolding, mine eyes the clumsy interpreter, I am at your graces!


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!








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