Art Inspiring Verse ~ Anja Uhren aka Miss Belfry



Take it away,

quick, quiet, begin,

Dance it away to the bitter depths end,

Don’t feel the pain,

Dare not let it in.

Feel your way,

Hearing musics haunted melody,

Dance to the reverberated melancholy.

Tone deaf like some,

Wishing you too could feel as numb.

But for sensitivity sake you dance your way through,

To the effervescence of this maddening tune.

Pointed on toes it chases your step,

Keeping calm for the sake of this hypnotic breath.

Again and again in this whirlwind fury,

You are its star and the source of all glory.

So dance my sweet,

Let it go to your head,

Alive on your feet for you soon will be dead.

~Glory Anna


Ah The Red Shoes by Hans C. Anderson! Another imaginative tale that ends in the ultimate punishment. Sure is pretty to look at when told through dance or illustration though and the illustrations by Anja Uhren aka Miss Belfry (deviant artist love!) Oh! They capture it’s almost haunted and tragic tone yet preserve the beauty. What a wonderfully imaginative, beautifully gifted soul! I absolutely love her distinct style of character/istics. Features can be both flat and soulful, animated in an almost muted way. She is truly outstanding and worth a gander of grandeur!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!








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