Art Inspiring Verse ~ Mario Sanchez Nevado

Solace For The Broken

by mario sanchez nevado

The curses I can think of seem to override the rhyme,

My hearts hurt it beats,

Yet seems to exist out of time.

Reality doesn’t know me,

So blind to actions own reverberation,

So deaf to screams that chill.

So unaware a worse solace,

One that isolates the noise.

An ever growing stillness as the pain begins to disperse,

For used to being slighted,

Being forgotten in repercussions isolation,

A Gilded cage I could not chose.

However the more you seem to fake it,

The less I seem abused.

Victimize me as you may,

Let me down in your thoughtless way,

I can regrow, regroup, recoup from pain.

Build back up in the shadow of the hurt,

My own tears seem to fertilize my earth.

Grounded in each step I take forward.

Leaving you in the wake of the sordid.

And as the thumping in my chest subsides,

As the thrill of attention seems void.

I can move onto an others,

Whose love I can enjoy.

~Glory Anna


I came about this piece by Mario Sanchez Nevado through a rather moving, spiritual and inspiring post by Jenn Grosso : Solace for the broken. At the rebelle society. It is all very much thoughts and feelings I subscribe too. When one is down, when bad things can’t seem to stop happening what can you do? I mean really? Regret? What good is it to lament the things you can’t change. For in the end it is about where you go from HERE. Because no matter what, the world, life, YOUR LIFE, will keep going. So you have to chose to go with it. Don’t let time leave you behind because you are too caught up in the past. Even in this moments hardships and bad juju. Just keep going. Keep trying. Keep living!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!









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