Art Inspiring Verse ~ Zhang Weber



Fear it seems would stalk the seams of a society caught up in greed,

Condemned to posses,

Obsessed to be the possessor,

We put ourselves in boxes,

In levels of rank,

The good and bad,

The greater the lesser.

Falling through cracks and breaking the system,

We define ourselves by the grand ultimatum.

We see ourselves for what we do,

Yet lost, it’s said, are the ones that stay true.

For who we are it matters not,

Wrapped up so in what it $ costs.

We seem to build our hopes on gain.

Financial, physical, means of the made.

Spiritually, wondrous souls,

Laughable to others,

The life of mad woes.

For when they “wake up” it is said they’ll unravel,

Not able to coup in the real worlds means of survival.

True to the human experience is insane.

But not when that experience is caught up in the gain.

~Glory Anna

Zhang Weber is a wonderful artist you can find on Behance! I was particularly drawn (tee-hee get it!) to his line & sketch portfolios. How marvelous his features, how intriguing his sculptural essence. Such a great source of inspiration – and I’m sure not the last time he will be featured!

(Oh and about my work above – yeah I was really token the beat poetry rhythm of feeling man! Woo!)

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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