Art Inspiring Verse ~ Mia Calderone

Death and the Maiden


A wicked dance,

A living death,

One I’ve chosen for which beset.

I love the danger.

Love the laughter.

Love and end with no ever after.

We all play our part in this game of charade.

We give and we get love then inject it with pain.

All fools are we,

Some just decide to court their cascade,

Into the depths of that which is made.

Set in stone.

A part of time.

For I am death and death is mine.

~Glory Anna


Man I have loved this piece for some time now, it seemed appropriate to the theme of the Ween. However I could not locate the artist name to save (pun intended) my life! However I have found her – and she’s kind of a big deal – and mean to spread the word – even if I seem the only one in the dark! The wonderful Miss Mia Calderone! Find her here! And Here! Yay for art! (and nod to search terms!)

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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