Art Inspiring Verse ~ Stephanie Pepper!

Unrehearsed Time


He wore a mask and I a part,

Two true strangers from the vary start,

We met and stayed in character,

But then we fell apart.

The pieces that were given were titillating secrets,

Unfolding in our moments,

And waxing in our movements.

From the beginning we were phantoms.

Beings of the night.

Cloaked and darkened dwellers.

No time for love in sight.

We made our way to one another,

As a moth drawn to a burn.

We knew our hearts were empty,

But allowed ourselves to learn.

To go behind the curtian,

To truly understand,

The girl behind the woman,

The boy behind the man.

A trick of the moon, perhaps it was?

As the clock told its blood red hour.

Yet still we danced,

We still embraced.

Began to rediscover.

The feeling one can rouse within,

The feeling of our true self,

That once we drop defense and allow another in,

We can grow instead of weaken,

That vulnerability is not a sin.

We dropped the words,

Forgot the rhymes

And allowed ourselves just to be in time. 

~Glory Anna


Guess I really felt like telling a story today…or something. Hey maybe it’s just the tumor-esque quarter pounder of pain in the…head (*wink*)  I gots going on! Well whatever it is  there is no question about loving the art! I love the art! And artist: Stephanie Pepper or, if you like, the artist formally know as Kippery (Really around certain circles of web-er-net) She is a fun, vivacious artist who’s illustrations always have a level of whimsy and fun in them! Love her work! Love her!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!








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