Art Inspiring Verse ~ Mitzi Sato-wiuff

The Life of Death

Mitzi Sato-wiuff skullandbeautyart

I fall into a wicked trap,

Loss of footing,

Spine collapsed.

The need for elegance,

A need for flare,

Spooky yes, to those unaware.

Yet soon you’ll learn your role,

Your part.

Soon you’ll learn death has a heart.

Within his grasp,

Within his realm,

You’ll feel a dark and eerie calm.

Going with motions,

No need to give in.

For within his arms you will fall to his whim.

He has the power.

His is the knife.

His is the difference between death and life.

To live in his shadow,

To feel so condemned,

Is to forever give up on his power to give.

To guide an inner strength you hardly know within your power.

To stare death in the face and not feel a coward.

To realize this is an inevitable fact.

Is death’s way of giving you your very life back.

~Glory Anna


Mitzi Sato-Wiuff is a wonderful illustrator of fantasy realm art. I am usually more drawn to realism in my fantasy art – I know it sounds like a contradiction, but I’m sure you know what I mean – then a more anime approach (Though there have been many an exception!). I came upon this image and lost my breath. She has a way of conveying so ethereal and elegant in her drawings, yet within a simple stroke she can play up the whimsy and fun of anime art. As if there were a real between fantasy and reality. In this image – Death and Beauty – it’s as though she were pulling someone from the mortal realm into that of her art. Simply beautiful and almost eerie at the same time. Fantastic! I guess I found out what gave Aurora Wings *wink*


Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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