Art Inspiring Verse ~ Charmaine Olivia

The Ever Changing Constant


Still, Silent, Steady, Sound,

Fallen, Frozen, Wanted, Found,

A near by reject of all once held holy,

Too close to let go,

So forever am lonely.

Wanting to pray,

Scared of the failure,

Of dreams once held sacred,

Of hopes left unanswered.

Changing of seasons,

I see people forget,

The flow of the motions,

The changing sunset.

For its natural,

It’s ever been present.

How solid the weather an eternal consent.

Like the stars up above,

Like burning hell fire,

I see the selfish act if expectation and I wish to aspire.

To thank for the little bits in each day,

The rewards we are granted disguised as decay.

What may seem dead in the moment can remind us of life.

Can center a spirit and clear up a mind.

The roses will blossom,

Other flowers will bloom.

It will all come full circle,

Even us if we chose.

~Glory Anna


Charmaine Olivia is a wonderful artist! I particularly love her original wanderings in sketch. Plenty to enjoy and even shop here!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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