Art Inspiring Verse ~ Jae Lee

A Hundred Different Ways


I’ve come up to your doorstep,

I’ve peaked through your keyholes.

I’ve rung upon the doorbell,

But the true meaning never showed.

I’ve said it to you daily,

By acts, through means and deeds,

Through common place interactions,

Through life’s little niceties.

We’ve know each other long,

In so many different ways,

But this one secret I have kept,

This one thing I could not say.

Out loud it means it’s real,

It means everything has changed.

The fear it swell and vanquishes the courage,

For you may not feel the same.

So instead I’ll keep the friendship.

Instead I’ll live through days.

And tell you instead without ever a word,

In a hundred different ways.

~Glory Anna


Jae Lee is a comic book artist. His style is very definitive among the artist who like a minimalist look, a smooth sort of roundness to the sequential art. Yet his has a jagged egdyness to it that make it distinct. A sharp edge contrast to the simplistic and soft features of the characters. There is such a smooth lucidity to the lines of the characters that give them a vivid presence and grace, yet just enough edge and grunge to give them distinction and make the image stick with you.

jaeleebatandcatPeace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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