Art Inspiring Verse ~ Ekaterina Koroleva

Fall Hues of Gratitude

Ekaterina Korolevafallhues

Hope springs eternal,

Gratitude’s strength,

Of ever lasting value,

The joy of giving thanks.

What we take for granted,

What seems to pass us by,

The small things in the daylight,

The delights that make us cry.

That overflowing feeling of warmth, of sander, of love.

The one that can unite us.

The one that seems unsung.

A hero in the darkness when all other things seem lost.

The one that keeps us going.

The one that makes one…us.

~Glory Anna

Ekaterina Korolevaside

Ekaterina Koroleval is a wonderful artist, one that I know I have featured before. She combines my love of fashion illustration and art sketch in motion! One of my favorite things when I was growing up was my mothers timed art sketches of the human form. These put me in mind of that and bring up the warm fuzzy energies that go with the nostalgia! Something I am most grateful for! For more to be grateful for see here!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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