Art Inspiring Verse ~ Jinyoung Shin


Fated Reception


Past, Present, Future,

I’m in your fated hands.

I try to live in moments,

To make the picture grand.

Yet with all my good intentions,

Every good deed that I give,

It seems to come at me in pieces, broken, sliding through my hands.

I do not act to get.

To give and then receive.

But in all of my kindness,

Where does the kindness come back to me?

I stop, I smell the roses,

I live the little things.

I speak and live through action.

Yet I admit that I still need.

I need that warm reception.

I need that love given back.

I need the warmth of others affection.

I want that karma in my grasp.

I wish upon the starlight I see above my head.

I try to keep good intentions,

But intent seems all I have.

Yes I want a pay off.

I want to feel that rush.

That knowing being a good person,

Is a thing that can’t get lost.

That will not be forgotten,

Within the universal consciousness.

That I am more than needed,

That I make a strong impact.

Please let me see the fruit,

Please let me feel secure,

Please let me feel the confidence,

That in me I can be sure,

Who I am is not for not,

What I am can’t be forgot,

And let me have that moment in which I am the one whose sought.

Fates hear my prayer,

Let it ring a bell.

That though I have been let down,

See that I have remained myself.

I have not broken,

Have not lost the faith or hope,

That you’ll provide a guiding light,

And make it worth the coupe.

I sing up to the heavens,

I feel a friendship in the divine,

That keeps me from feeling lonely,

That I try not to take for granted,

And I thank for all my time.

Still I wish for that bit extra,

As I think all humans must.

That little something we call karma,

That gives thanks and trust for being us.

~ Glory Anna


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Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!








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