Art Inspiring Verse ~ Russ Mills


In-External Struggle


Bleak, blackened, mind of weeds,

Can’t separate from tired what it is that I may need.

Can’t open eyes,

Slits so heavy,

Still I’m breathing,

Am I living?

Can’t feel my own skin,

Can’t sleep within.

Can’t bare the ache.

There’s only so much humans were meant to take.

Yet endure I do.

Endure I must?

It’s getting harder and harder to trust,

The inevitable fate of life.

The way the universe can set things right.

I question daily,

Doubt myself more.

For I don’t think I am capable of what it will take to make the just pure.

I can no longer be that victor,

That positive light,

The imploring,

The silent sight.

I can’t take it,

Heart beats out of chest,

It’s weighing me down,

Dragging deep in my breast,

Getting harder to breathe,

Spirit can’t lift me up.

If the answer, the victory were right in front of me…

Would I be enough?

~Glory Anna


Russ Mills! Aw well searching for the source a different sketch I found this picture (the above) that was glorious and quite the suitable companion for In-External Struggle. When what should happen when I check out his BeHance? Well I find a picture that I have loved for ever and now…it’s source! Funny little search engine isn’t it?

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!




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