Art Inspiring Verse ~ Fernanda Suarez

What Shrouded Winds Carry

HoodbyFernanda Suarez

Shrouded in mystery,

Asleep on the breeze,

Watching as the leaves seem to fall at its ease.

I wonder at the sight,

Why others seem like such a fight.

The tides of life,

Sweeping desire,

We dare not let go,

For fear of the fire.


A void,

We scarcely dare,

To follow the heal,

For fear of life’s fated air.

We will not waver,

In hesitant favor,

For fear of what we’ll have to feel.

What it is we will have to face,

Let go,


A change of pace,

Of time,

Of fate.

What will we ever learn?

What can ever come true,

If we only stall what life can do.

~Glory Anna


Fernanda Surarez A wonderful artist I think! I came across this picture and I started writing the poem in my head so thanks for the inspiration – as I’m sure many more to come! To catch a link to all her social stats (FB, Instagram, blog etc) and see some awesome image collections Go here!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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