Art Inspiring Verse ~ Jenny Yu

Wasted Victory


Why did I chose you?

Was it even me?

Was I the one that birthed you in your fated infancy?

Defeated and unwanted,

You roamed the earth so heavy,

So muted and defeated,

Lackluster and sedated.

Yet somehow and in someway,

Ours was meant to meet,

To breath into you that of life,

Of laughter,

Of guilt lifted in stride.

Moving towards the future,

In want and to succeed,

If only you could see that what you won,

Was what was left of me.

~Glory Anna

I am super in love with Jenny Yu’s sketches. There is something about them, maybe the fact that they speak for themselves…literally they usually have little discriptions written on the bottom:


Well if you click this it will be to see a plethora of goodies by Yu!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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