Art Inspiring Verse ~ Tom Waterhouse

Red Wine Residue

brushstrokesTom Waterhouse

Red wine river;

Sways to the center,

Two hearts entwined,

Two hearts in danger.

We swear upon this,

This most illusive of treasures,

Thinking that word is enough to keep us together.

Red wine in motion;

A cascade effect,

Together we were,

So together we went.

Heaven sent.

Is that enough?

To deal with a hell that we humans corrupt?

Red wine spilled;

Seams tearing,



For when bottle is empty…

What is left of forever?

~Glory Anna

This image was an “experimental quicky” by Tom Waterhouse. Not his usual aesthetic, but I loved his interpretation of the art he was inspired by: 

when I looked at them (work by James Nares) all I could see is how they could be interpreted as something else – in particular I could see hair shapes in the brush strokes and from that faces formed.

In a sense it’s like accidental art. I love things that come from seemingly ordinary places. A face in the floor. A body in chipped paint on an old bathroom sink. A stain in a shirt that seems oddly familial. This is art in its purest form. For it is imagination without boundaries.

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!




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