Art Inspiring Verse ~ Rimel Neffati

So Dark the Con of Man

Rimel Neffatilight

Rhythm, motion, moves and sweat.

Moody, gloom, remorse, regret.

Set to the beating heart of lives,

Corrupt by the human head of lies.

In nature it repeats,

The tedium succeeds,

We want more,

A change,

Yet can’t reprogram our brains.

Are we doomed to forever stay the same?

What makes man think that it’s linear?

Can;t waste the time,

For it’s not worth the danger,

So we play a pantomime.

Stopping something so putrid to senses,

Common law overcasts progression.

So static we stand,

In the convention of man.

Rimel Neffatiskull

Rimel Neffati, a self-taught beauty! She truly defied conventional rules and created her own art “structure”. Something I can truly support, admire and that really touches home right now for me as I struggle with my own unconventional thin-wire dance.  She surpasses photography and blurs the line of painting and sketch. I absolutely love her surreal fantasy daydreams. They are dark and mysterious. Can make one feel uncomfortable but unable to look away. She invokes emotion and reaction in every image she captures. Having only just started photography in 2008 I can’t wait to see what more she has in store!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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