Art Inspiring Verse ~ Croppis

End of the Rainbow


Luck and Fate a twisted game,

The chance to lose,

The chance to take.

Never did I want to bet upon life.

That all would be fair,

That all would turn out right.

At the end of the rainbow was not a pot of gold,

Through layers and pitfalls and stories untold.

It became my own heart,

My own conscience and passions.

This was a pot of my fated progressions.

Did I trust in my chance?

Was it too big a risk?

To think if I stayed straight that my path would not twist.

It is never in your hands,

Not all circumstances are made,

No it is for unknown hands,

Is it some kind of game?

The universe turns upon axis not time.

It gives nature its purpose and a reason to rhyme.

So what more can I do then follow that glow,

For if not a pot of gold at least my life can still a rainbow.

~Glory Anna


Art by the Russian artist Croppis.  Dedicated to a very special soul sister and best friend.

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!








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