Art Inspiring Verse ~ Veronica Ball

Half Empty/Half Full

Veronica Ballart Liljawatercolor

Half full and untouched,

Drained of sinew and soul,

This is not what I meant,

This was never my goal.

I set upon task,

I had given my all,

Yet never did I find the light,

Nor hear the fated call.

Dream now has taken its toll,

Broken and belittled for a story still untold.

So what is there left when all seems wasted?

All seems so old?

War torn and and whittled down,

Learned and yet unfound.

Glass half empty or half full?

~Glory Anna

Veronica Ball has such a beautiful portfolio of watercolor gems. Check out her Flickr and some portfolio pieces/bio here!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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