Art Inspiring Verse ~ Patrick Palmer

Inner Torment

Patrick Palmer



Weather worn.



Somewhat forlorn.

Never knowing what comes next,

What will thrill me or upset.

A basket case,

I’ve come undone,

Inside my head I am someone.

When all else fails,

When all seems lost,

I lose myself in inner thought.

Alone I’m free but lost somehow,

Can see the sun,

Yet still I cow.

For brought to light I seem to wither,



And somewhat bitter.

Where is the sweetness of my escape?

Why can’t it exceed this inner quake.

I come forward only to be set back.

To be forgotten and thrown off track.

It can not be that mine is to be lonely,

That I am forever my one and only.

I cry myself to inner sleep,

For it’s only there that I may weep,

What is it I truly feel?

And which one is the ghost?

With humble prayer and heavy heart I bow my head and kneel.

For the thing I want to know the most.

Is to know what’s truly real.

~Glory Anna

Patrick Palmer will never cease to amaze, delight and truly awaken my heart with his modern figurative art pieces! He is truly a new master of the human forms invocation of emotion! Lovely always!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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