Art Inspiring Verse ~ Veronica Leto

The Over-thinker’s mind


Loosing it,

When I don’t know,

Life feels ever like a bow,

One pulls back,

One let’s go.

Aiming at a target still somewhat unknown.

Dreaming of fantasies that never end,

Wishing and wanting that devoted friend.

Knowing is a comparative weakness,

When up against facts.

When up against logic convention seems to lack.

One step forward,

One leap back.

Inspiration seems illusive,

You want to hold on,

But it slips through your fingers,

Feeling empty when gone.

Shifting and turning possibilities weight,

If it left could that not be a sign from fate?

Doubt is so dreary,

Yet you try to find reason.

Try to find purpose for your terrible feeling.

Can’t explain the untamed mind,

Both a gift and somewhat unkind.


Lack of sense,

When all seems hopeless you repent.

You seem to love it at the same time you resent.

Something special,

Something exotic,

You feel unleashed,



Yet it is your lot,

The ever thinker,

And that running commentary of thought.

I chose this Veronica Leto collage because I felt it truly captured the spirit/message of the poem above. Her freeing esthetic of sketch upon pieces. As if always working, unable to stop that flow. A dreamers life is happening in two places at the same time. There is no escaping a creators mind.

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!







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