Art Inspiring Verse ~ TAOJB



So here I am,

Yes yet again,

Alone and in torment,

My own spiders web.

It is all my own doing,

It is me,

But of course,

For it’s in my own thoughts that I’ve buried this curse.

Weaved between sinew,

Under thin flesh,

Inside the bones,

And with every caress,

The minds open gambit,

Will I take the bait,

Or will I undo my own wills twisted fate?

So fearing,

Can’t hide,

For it’d be from one’s self,

Can’t outrun this beast,

There’s no strength,

There’s no stealth.

Isolated and numb doesn’t erase the pain,

For alone you are still there to torture and blame.

At fault and at risk,

With no way to out bid,

Can’t stand the reflection,

Can’t forgive the kid.



Tried but regret.

Rock bottom is hit,

And your tears make it wet.

So does sobbing continue into the night,

Will daylight forgive you?

Will things ever seem right?

You pray and you try,

But you’re still so demeaned,

Still so introverted,

Being torn at the seams.

You feel so small,

This demon big from inside,

Ingesting your person,

Eating you alive.

So how do you stop it when all seems a monster?

When all seems at odds,

Your own roller-coaster.

To recognize the pieces you’ve taken from soul.

Giving birth to your worth,

And forgiving the doubt,

 Renewing the spirit and again feeling whole,

Just by being yourself.

~Glory Anna

This piece (along with some other really great squid/pi art- you know I’m a softy for these adorably soulful sea creatures!) available at artist TAOJB society6 shop!

Peace, smiles and Superpowers!







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