Art Inspiring Verse ~ Waldemar Strempler


What I am is Make/Believe

Collage PORTRÄT 2013 Waldemar Strempler


A Scattered mess,

Something new,

Something less,

Peeled apart the layers,

The facade of depth,

Never knowing how to make it,

Never knowing what will be left.

Who will I be today?

What inevitable strength this time will save me?

How can I recall what’s happened in the past?

When I stand before the mirror in which I still reflect?

Still something tangible,

Still something moving forward,

Ceaseless to push back when all the waves are crashing,

What direction do they point?

And which way to keep on going?

I know that I must flow,

For I refuse to ebb.

It is inevitable that I become my own best friend.

I am something not remade,

I am something still unnamed.

I am that which is unique,

I am something I will forever seek.

I bleed when I am hurt,

Yet cry when I am plenty.

Through that I know my worth.

For humanity’s a treasure still worth finding.

A sense of purpose served.

A sense of time worth meaning.

When the powers that be are  ever at work.

And it’s just about your living.

When you chose to drop the pretense and simply start believing.

~Glory Anna

Waldermar Strempler is a very creative Collage artist (one – if you haven’t already guessed it – of my favorite mediums!). I love this picture/portrait above. It so inspires the idea that we wear many faces, play many parts, but all of which should stem from the same wonderfully unique seed of us/truth. So evolve, love, and live! But do so organically and trust that all is right when you do and are!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!








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