Art Inspiring Verse ~ Monica Loya


Wasting away,

Perceived notions,

Stuck on a page,

A troubled ocean,

Don’t cause a wave,

No need for commotion.

All stays the same,

And I lose my devotion.

To what?

To the past?

To the future still present?

To this I resent,

For which makes me reluctant.

To start again still,

Over when it was lost,

Struck by the thought,

Paralyzed by the loss.

Yet here is me now.

I am what I can.

So defined by appearance,

How I’ve lived in the land.

So make-believe,

So lesser departed,

From all things real,

From all things forgotten.

So who am I now?

My body seems vacant,

For reality is still little less than I make of it.

A floating head,

Numb and defiant,

For substance has change for which that I’m reliant.

~Glory Anna


Monica Loya! Man do I love her style and artist eye! How the water colors overlap the hard lines. The surrealist out-of-body, reflective, psychedelic loveliness! Keep on Keeping it AWESOME Gurlll!

Peace, Smiles and Superpowers!









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