Art Inspiring Verse ~ John Bauer


Of Fairy Tales and Dreams


Once I was  a Queen,

Of Fantasy,

Of dreams.

Worlds you can’t conceive,

For they have yet to be.

Mine was singular but plenty,

Soft and light but still heavy.

Once I was a Ruler,

So prestigious and so grand,

I could hold a people in the very palm of my hand.

I was larger than life,

I was hope and strife,

I was daughter,

I was son,

I was husband,

I was wife.

Once I was a Fighter,



Then the rest.

I could beat the bad guys,

And prove I was the best.

Yet best can not be proven,

Till its opposite is given.

Once I was a Villain,

Evil you can’t imagine.

Destroyer of that which I had created,

God and Devil syncopated.

Then there came a time,

When all this was forgotten,

All left by the wayside.

So what did I become?

How much greater could I get?

When the future is unknown,

Holding stakes I can not bet.

It seems so dark at times,

How could things be greater?

When there was a time when I was thine own creator.

Yet sunny skies emerge,

There still so much I have to purge,

So I will keep on being,

That which cannot be deterred.

~Glory Anna


So I was feeling very fairy tale lore today. So who better then John Bauer, Swedish painter and fairy tale/folklore illustrator! Whose work I absolutely love! The languid lines add such an ethereal essence to the people, it’s absolutely intoxicating! Making me believe all the things!

Peace, smiles and Superpowers!









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