Heroes And Songs: Captain America

Okay so a new feature is Heroes and Songs one every week. The time and day (undecided) we’ll se how this goes. Today (and I’m sure many more) song will be dedicated to Captain America. Only not just Captain America, but an inner look into my mind and inspiration of direction in which I took the character after Disassembled. Now when Captain was unfrozen he automatically became an Avenger. They were who saved him from the water they were his base, his family in this new world. Captain went to war with no family, his brother” Bucky was the only … Continue reading Heroes And Songs: Captain America

Heroes And Songs: Interpersonal Relationships

Inter-Superhero Relationships: We all do it, have done it, are thinking about doing it right now… But enough joking around. Really why I chose to make this the theme of this weeks (Yes I know, I know I skipped last weeks but that was because it was my birthday week! Yesterday was the last day of the six-day-long celebration in parts. Like a Greek tragedy really. ;p) Heroes and Songs Relationships; mainly those having to do with couples who are both in the biz is because I had a particularly poent  storyline involving such. One that has been building for … Continue reading Heroes And Songs: Interpersonal Relationships

Heroes and Songs: Death Has Meaning

In this  world built upon entertainment and media outlets, the touch of a finger brings you your favorite show, you can voice opinions behind the vail of a screen name. You can become who you want to be, whom you’ve fantasized about becoming, or just experiment. Online, tv, movies we live them now, in a world of no repercussions. Death is a big one for me. We see it all the time. I mean even cartoons use it as a ratings puller now. Anybody hear how the Simpsons is going to kill off yet another “major player”. It’s not a … Continue reading Heroes and Songs: Death Has Meaning

Heroes and Songs: Harley Quinn

Ah! Harely Quinn! What a character! One made popular over night by the cartoon creation and now is synonymous with crazy in the dc comics (And comics in general) world. Originally a therapist in both origins: In studying psychiatry to try to understand her father’s abuse and of her family.  In cartoon slowly becoming obsessed with the Jokers case and requesting to study him when in the Arkham Asylum. In the comics however it’s a bit more seedy. I mean come on…it’s amazing what they got away with in the cartoon! Which I do remember watching. I think I watched … Continue reading Heroes and Songs: Harley Quinn

Heroes and Songs: Joker

Heroes and songs is the title but last week I did a villain of sorts (by no means a…hero…though I suppose the definition of “hero” lies in the individuals eyes…*shudder*) and this week is o different. Perhaps I would have been better of title this feature Comics and Tunes– though that would be easily misconstrued. People would come thinking they’re getting a delightful eye-full of comic books, strips and cartoons. It would be disappointing no doubt to see song lyrics. So perhaps Supers and Songs? Super can mean a great deal of things…super nut jobs, super villains, as well as … Continue reading Heroes and Songs: Joker

Heroes and Songs: Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers

This relationship is one of the longest Steve has had. The first love he found out of the ice in the new world also happened to be related to a love from his long, long ago pre-frozen past. So in a way Sharon represented a joining of the two worlds. With her came a comfort and a safety of sorts …then the worst happened: While working as a S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison with the New York Police Department, Sharon investigated and infiltrated a white supremacist terrorist organization known as the National Force. During one of the National Force’s battles with street criminals … Continue reading Heroes and Songs: Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers

Swamp Thing?

Who am I? What Am I!!! Say the dramatic theater major in an over the top soliloquy. And where the heck have I been? Asks the exasperated blog reader…at least they would if I had any fans. Just kidding! Really I have come back from the living dead, from my own personal brain swamp to live again, breath anew and have my Spring re-awakening…not that I’m a slut or anything…well anyway. I have had my turn of events. The beginning of the “New Year” has seen me at the hospital, becoming an impromptu physical therapist/chiropractor to message/tweak some bodies stomach … Continue reading Swamp Thing?

The Real Captain America

The line “I walk a lonely road” comes to mind…for don’t we all? Perhaps in some way or another…for we all have a path, a driving force. For some it is out of habit, out of honor, ritual, promise, debt or beholden. For others it is with their whole being. It is something that can be hated, marred, wounded, raped and turned against. Yet even if you try you can not forsake it. I am not talking about anything wrong here. No vice or addiction. I am talking about belief. I am talking about pride, passion and the sacrifice that … Continue reading The Real Captain America

Captain America, Joyless?

So the entire premise of Sam taking up mantle of Captain becomes weak and almost blatant an attempt for attention right on the heals of Thor becoming a woman. Again it can never be stated enough that I have no particular problem with these changes. It’s the organic nature of character/story development or lack there of that I call into question.  Like, for instants one of the things I am most upset about is the comment made by the new Captain America’s writer: “I’ve been having a lot of fun writing Sam,” Rick Remender said in a Marvel.com interview. “It’s … Continue reading Captain America, Joyless?