Something To “Crow” About



The other day I went walking into my room and there it was seeming to fly straight at me, straight into my very vision: a big black crow with wings expanded gliding forward as if to catch its prey in readied talons.

It was, after all just flying onto the upper gutter of roof, however in that instant it was as though all was still as time slowed and the full extent of its motion and existence penetrated my very being.

I was in awe of its magnificent form, there was no fear in me but rather a divine peace, a scared happiness that it touched upon.

Today has not been…let’s say a high note for me. As I’m dealing with a massive flare up (still undiagnosed, but the appointments scheduled so *fingers crossed*) and the reoccurring problem it keeps presenting to my daily.  To get all metaphysical on your asses for a moment it’s also a 22 day meaning that you will either rise or fall to the “test” presenting yourself. Think a kind of yo-yo effect that presents in the form of a problem that you either learn from or not and so it cause the same one to swing back around so you can try again come the next 22 day.  Numerology yo.

Well when sitting at my desk after more then a few breakdowns I saw, yet again, a big black crow walking along the gutter of the building beside, just out the span of window to the left of me. This time it was more casual just puttering back and forth looking for grub, but I was transfixed, gliding my gaze with its precious movement until finally it took off away from my sight.

Now I am someone who is more than a little open to messages in my surroundings, to guides, to all things spiritual and supernatural. I do not see omen in everything, but my senses are heightened to those things that do stick out be it mind’s eye or third eye, I pay attention to the feelings and the messages it provokes within me.

So today, after being in much need of guidance, of aid in knowing what it is I’m supposed to do or learn and seeing the second of my onyx winged friends I decided to do a little searching.

First and foremost I had no fear of it meaning death. In general I do not fear death, but I knew instinctively that these messengers were translating something more. So what else are crows a sign of you (and I) ask?


The crow is an omen of change representing ancient mystical laws and wisdom. They say when a crow calls out to you – as it had that day in my room, as though to bring my attention straight to its descent – we have an instant flash of our authentic selves.  That the crow sees our soul self. That tuning into its call is to remind you of who you are and all that you are capable of.

A reminder that all the answers to the questions you have been asking are waiting to be discovered, but that you must look beyond your present range of vision and perhaps get out of your current familiar and comfortable space and pattern. Crows themselves are known for being a very adaptable creature capable surviving in almost any situation. So its presence is basically reminding you that you can adapt and that now is the time for major change to take place that will awaken your true, authentic soul!

As they also harbor the message of creation and the magic in all around us they help to remind one of the immense power each and every one of us has to take hold of our own destinies.

That coupled with the prompt for change and the trust you can have in it and yourself I can’t help but feel a little humbled and flattered that I should get such a powerful answer to my prayers for aid in this hard time.

So remember you never know what some might consider “normal” or “ordinary” truly means when you are open to allowing its to resonate with your senses and spark the healing of your soul!


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